Roping has many variables, the feel of your rope shouldn't be one of them!

If you keep your rope in a bag or a can, then you can use the Regulator Pro to add heat when you need it. The Regulator Pro comes with a temperature setting on the 110 v chord or use the car charger when on the go!

The Regulator Pro is designed to heat your rope or ropes when the weather turns cold to the temperature that it was tied at, establishing tip feel in your first swing.

Ropes have a memory!

Once your rope has been tied, it is designed to return to that feel. Regulator Pro can maintain that feel even when it turns cold.

The "Feel" of your rope is not superstition!

Regulator Pro has been developed after seeing a need in all roping disciplines. If you have roped long enough, you know that all ropes do not stay the same. We might call them rituals, but they are really things that we do to break in and try to keep our ropes consistent. One of the variables we can now control is the temperature of our ropes. Heat will take the back swing out of a cold rope and give us a chance to feel our tip on the very first more warming up and trying to find the "right" feel of your rope.

What our customers think

  • "When the feel of your ropes can mean the difference between victory and defeat, choose victory with regulator pro."

    - B. Ash Tie Down Roper

  • "I used the Regulator Pro last night and it worked awsome. I cut some new ropes that were super stiff and put them in the heated bag for an hour before pulling them out and they felt awesome!"

    -Taylor Munsell 2022 Reserve World Champion Breakaway Roper

  • "Loved my Regulator Pro yesterday at Forth Worth. It kept my rope feeling good!"

    -JJ Hampton 17X World Champion Breakawy Roper

  • "For me cold ropes feel like rags and warming them up the Regulator Pro makes them feel better."

    -Lacinda Rose

  • "Even with my rope bag in the truck on the way to a morning jackpot, it would still be cold in my bag. With the Regulator Pro, I know there's heat in my bag!"

  • I can even use those ropes that don't feel very good, since getting my Regulator Pro. A little heat puts what I need back into them."